Founded In 2022

Myrrh The Label was curated for women to use as a vessel to reduce pollution on Hawaiian Land as well as beaches local to the buyer by providing an alternative to the traditional polyester spandex swimwear with recycled ECONYL and fabrics made entirely of rescued fishing nets. One dollar from every purchase is donated to Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, this is done in one big donation at the end of every month in effective of June 30 2022 as we appreciate their ongoing efforts towards removing plastics/solid litters, dense chemicals and ocean debris out of Hawaii.



Manufactured in Bali. Myrrh The Label Swimwear is slowly and ethically hand made by women. The production process is 100% animal and cruelty free. Our manufacturer proudly produces earth-friendly swim while reducing their carbon footprint by 80%. Monthly donations are made directly from the manufacture to Bali Street mums, a charitable organization that provides a safe environment for mothers who scavenge their living from garbage dumps and children who are susceptible to exploitation by sex traffickers and a life of misery.